Fast & Fresh


Now you can make your own fresh juice in less than 3 minutes with BlenderPal™.

BlenderPal Best Portable Fresh Juice Mini Rechargeable Smoothie Blender Product Packaging White and Pink

Big Blender Power

304SUS stainless steel blades and a powerful motor means you can turn frozen fruits, nuts, leafy greens and more into the perfect smoothie in 30 seconds.

Award Winning Design

A sleek & compact design that fits into any kitchen. BlenderPal™ blends in.

Wireless Charging

Just place the blender on the charging pad and it will start to charge. One charge lasts for 15+ blends & recharges quickly.

Easy Cleaning

With dishwasher safe parts and fully waterproof, cleaning the blender will be the easiest part of your day. BlenderPal™ is the only portable blender in the market that is fully waterproof.